Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween from the Mystery Men

'Tis the season, and all that. Thought I'd write up a few heroes who seem appropriate for the holiday.

Bogey Man
Bogey Man is author Kendall Richards, a famous crime novelist who is forced to go undercover when a gangster called Blade steals his latest book, in which he has concocted the perfect crime. Once he gets his book back, he continues fighting crime as the Bogey Man.

Destroying Demon
Secret agent Bruce Blackburn is forced to go undercover as a traitor to break an un-American spy ring (no, that's not political - they actually called themselves the Un-American Group). Most folks think he is dead, but he actually fights crime and spies as the Destroying Demon. His main weapon - a bungee cord that allows him to jump from building to building.

Fantomah is a jungle goddess who deals out grim punishment to evil-doers in Africa. She can either take the form of a beautiful blonde jungle girl or a blue-skinned, skull-faced hellion.

Purple Zombie
Zoro - if that's his real name - was a corpse that was revitalized by a ray invented by Dr. Hale and Dr. Malinsky. Malinsky wants to create an army of zombies to take over the world, and when Dr. Hale opposes him he shoots Hale. The zombie, in return, strangles the evil scientist and then goes on a rampage. He is finally captured, but it turns out that Dr. Hale is still alive and is able to control him. The court releases Zoro to the doctor and embark on a life of adventure.

Happy Halloween Folks!


  1. Very cool!
    Have you thought about making a Mystery Men! sourcebook?
    Happy Halloween!

  2. I do plan eventually on releasing a book of villains for the game. They're all statted up, but I need to find some time to breath some life into them and come up with an adventure hook for each (i.e. their "master plan").

    Other than villains, what would you want to see in a sourcebook?


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