Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Grab-Bag - Grabbier Than Ever and with 50% More Bag!

A few odds and ends I've collected from the internet ...

From the Paper Your Digital Wall Dept.

Something for the season - enjoy it in better health than this guy.

From the Variations on a Kryptonian Theme Dept.

Am I wrong to love this look? Oh - and in case you need it, some boilerplate Mystery Men! stats for Kryptonians operating under a yellow sun.

From the Oh Great, Another Remake Dept.

My wife and I have been watching the original the last few months, and I love it. Honestly, not even a tiny bit of interest in a remake. Oh, and is it just me, or does Depp look like one of those creepy Madame Alexander dolls?

Oh, and for the real deal ...

From the Space Princess Inspiration Dept.

Bat demons, claw creatures, snake men and human vampires ... yeah, I'm gonna need stats for them.

Also this ...

This ...

And a little this ...

Yeah, this is for you space buddy!


  1. Hello. Just some quick comments.
    Boris Karloff as the Mummy. Classic.
    Superwoman. Never seen that one. Awesome.
    Dark Shadows. Never seen the whole series. Not that interested in a movie. But who knows?
    Planet of the Blood Monsters. That looks like Neal Adams artwork, or someone aping his style.
    Couple on the jet-sled. I want this guy's job.
    Plastic moon landing play set. I was the kind of kid that would blow these up with firecrackers.
    Space buddy. I still have that helmet. Just kidding.

    I also wanted to say I picked up a copy of Mystery Men! from Lulu a few weeks ago and it is super cool.
    It is simple to play yet detailed enough to support play not only in the intended genre, but adaptable to others as well.
    I could easily run steampunk, space opera, super fantasy or whatever.
    I just have one question: How did you come up with the point cost for powers?

    Anyway, please check out this random character trait table on my blog. I think it would work great with Mystery Men!

  2. Point cost on powers was based initially on the XP cost of making magic items in 3rd edition. I played with the costs a bit as I developed the game, but they're still tied to the levels of the spells on which the powers are based.

    I like the random character generator - great for Golden Age adventure games. Especially like the non-mechanical weaknesses. It's easy to focus too much on tying everything in the game to mechanics.


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