Thursday, October 27, 2011

Map of Hell Hex Crawl - Current Incarnation

Quick and easy post today - the Hell map in its most current incarnation. Things will be added as I write the rest of the hex crawl. The red river near the middle is Phlegethon. The little yellow squares indicate the location of something Hellish. The letters indicate the different tunnels and vaults, such as ...

[A] Hall of Surt: This tunnel is roughly 10 miles wide and 300 feet tall, with roughly rectangular walls carved throughout with the images of solemn fire giants. The air here is warm and dry, and the tunnel has no resources, including flora, fauna and water, to be spoken of. The floor is covered in massive stalactites and the ceiling in stalagmites, some of them so massive as to connect to form pillars 30 to 50 feet in diameter. This forest-like environment makes travel slower than normal (one hex every two days) and increases the chance of wandering monsters to 2 in 6 per day.

I'll have a more interesting post tomorrow - converting a famous Halloween family into something playable for Swords and Wizardry. Here's a hint - they're both creepy and kooky.


  1. Damn. That is an impressive map.

    AND looking forward to tomorrow's post.

  2. Got your stalactites and stalagmites mixed up. Stalactites come from the ceiling stalagmites the floor. I use the "t" in stalacTites to remind me from the Top of the cave.

    Cool map.

  3. I hate when I do that. Good tip on the "t".

  4. Cool beaners, Land of Nod. Enjoyed your Halloween family post. Boogie boogie.


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