Friday, August 13, 2010

Deviant Friday - Mahmud A. Asrar Edition

Today we wander back into pin-up land with Mahmud A. Asrar, Anjum on DeviantArt. Most of Anjum's work is in the superhero genre and Star Wars. Enjoy five of my faves ...

Dejah Thoris - because showing pin-up art without showing Dejah is just a crime. By the by - how many people think she'll end up looking like this in the new Disney-produced Mars movie?

Wonder Woman - nice redesign on the costume - better than the official redesign in my opinion.

Valkyrie - always one of my favorite comic book heroines.

Red Sonja - again, pin-ups without Red is just wrong.

Rom - One of these days I'll post my monster stats for "Astral Knights", based on this guy.


Note: This has become the second most popular post I ever made on this blog - far outstripping other Deviant Friday posts. My question to those to continue to visit - what brought you here? I suspect it was Dejah Thoris, but I'd love to know if it's something else. Thanks!


  1. "Helium," he said, "rightly boasts the most beautiful women of Barsoom, and of all her treasures the wondrous daughter of Mors Kajak, Dejah Thoris, is the most exquisite flower.”
    (PM XXI)

  2. Let's just hope Disney doesn't put her in a nice pants suit. I will say, though, that it sounds like they're allowing Carter to be a Confederate Civil War veteran, so they might actually get things right.

  3. Rom doesn't get enough love. That's a nifty pic.

    Oh, okay: Dejah Thoris is hot (although I'm not keen on that nose).


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