Thursday, August 26, 2010

NOD #4 On the Horizon

I think I have a cover, so that ain't bad - now I just need content! The cover image is a cyclops painted by Odilon Redon, a French symbolist painter who, it can safely be said, did not foresee his work appearing on the cover a RPG supplement.

I'm about 75% complete with writing the fourth issue of my non-award winning gaming magazine. Articles will be ...

- Eastern Venatia - sandbox with 200+ encounter areas

- Gods of the Golden Sea - a pantheon of deities inspired by the Thracians, Dacians and other assorted -acians

- Medieval Bestiary - a couple dozen monsters based on medieval folklore

- Phantastes - a couple more chapters of the classic fantasy story by George MacDonald

I'm also including two medium-sized dungeon crawls - The Ruins of Timulus and the Pleasure Palace of Izrigul, both located in the Eastern Venatia sandbox.

I'm hoping to get this thing out by Sept 2 before I take a mini-vacation to the land of my ancestors - Ottumwa IA. Should probably clock in at 110-120 pages.


  1. I've always loved that painting, nice choice.

  2. Consider me one guaranteed sale - still working my way through issues one to three.

    Is Mystery Men still going to be in there, as that tickled a particular fancy of mine (what with me liking them super-heroes and all!)?

  3. Any plans to put all the books together into one big megabook?

  4. Very pretty - I'll be buying!

  5. I think Mystery Men will have to wait until #5 - the city-state issues usually need more articles. However, since you requested it, I'll post it on the blog over the weekend with one request - does anyone know where I can find some public domain superhero art - just a single, simple B&W image I can use to illustrate the article?

    Megabook - I might have plans for that, yes. I'm thinking about doing some yearbooks to collect articles for players and referees, so a megabook covering an entire region is not out of the question. Time will tell - right now I'm focused on producing three more issues of NOD this year and publishing the basic version of PARS FORTUNA.

  6. Here's a site for public domain superheroes

    there might be something there (says the man who doesn't have the brain to figure public domain/OGL/GSL/creative commons etc)

  7. Oh, and thank you (in advance) for the blog post :-)

  8. Acrobatic Flea - thank you sir! That wiki hits the spot. I might go ahead and convert some of those public domain heroes using my little system - heck, one image I just found might just be the cover of NOD #5!


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