Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ibis, City of Sorcerers Map

Here's my draft map for Ibis, City of Sorcerers, showing the university area (its the collection of large buildings roughly in the center of the map). The upper right-hand corner is a corner of the Nomarch's estate - the kind of gardens that a brash rogue from Cimmeria might stalk through on his way to liberate a tower from jewels. The lower left-hand corner is occupied by a bit of the grounds of the grand temple of Thoth, the patron deity of Ibis. The upper left-hand corner is taken up by curve in the River of Death and some quays, as well as a little cave that leads to ... something.


  1. This has the kind of look I'd like to emulate - do you use any particular tools?

  2. You'll probably laugh, but I use a program called SwiftDraw that I purchased for $10 from Office Depot about 15 years ago - when I got my first PC. It still functions, and its simple enough that I can wrap my head around it without too much difficulty. For this map, I sketched things out on a piece of paper, scanned it and then brought it into SwiftDraw to play with.


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