Friday, March 4, 2011

Deviant Friday - Steve LeCouilliard Edition

Steve LeCouilliar, AKA Fearless Fosdick, writes and draws comedy and action-comedy comic books. Specifically comics about a barbarian mom called Una and comics about Much the Miller's Son. I love his pen and ink work and would love to see some single-panel strips of his show up in old school products a'la the strips that appear in the old DMG.

I would love to have somebody play an Una-like character in a game - barbarian woman with children. Would be lots of fun.


A moment for self-promotion ...

Got to see a printer's proof of my first Hexcrawl Classic for the Frog God yesterday. Looks good - hopefully will be out soon. I'm going to try to put up a permanent page for each "product line" I'm involved with, providing links to the books, blog posts related to them, etc. Hopefully I'll get them finished this weekend.


  1. I like his art style. Kinda cartoony, yet really cool.

  2. Another batch of awesome pictures for d&d inspirational art folder.


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