Friday, March 11, 2011

Deviant Friday - Federico Piatti Edition

Federico Piatti, AKA fedezz on DeviantArt, works in a style that reminds me of pulp novels published in the '60s. Cool stuff - another outside voice (hand?) that I'd love to see grace old school games.

And of course, some MM! stats for Mazinger Z

My Hot Elf Chick for the Week
If this image brought you here, please indulge me by clicking HERE to learn more about old school RPG's


  1. Gorgeous artwork! Just love the Hot Elf Chick picture, great addition to the meme.

    - Neil.

  2. It's a trap - she obviously pinned her own dress up there! All great stuff, thanks for sharing. ;)

  3. That is a great set of art. I particularly like the Tiefling, Dr. Quandary, and the vampires. Dr. Quandary in particular looks like it ought to be the cover of some gamebook.

  4. Lasgunpacker - Exactly what I wrote in the comments on DeviantArt. Funny - I was going to write it here as well, but I forgot. If anyone out there is planning to do a gamebook on pulp-rocket-sci-fi, I would suggest that Federico might be the person to contact.


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