Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tome of Horrors Converted + Establishing My LARPer Street Cred

Just finished writing my bit for Tome of Horrors Complete. I honestly have no idea how many monsters it was - 400 maybe - but they're all converted and each one has a lair or encounter to go with it. It was a big project to tackle in two months, but I'm pleased as punch to have been involved with it. Now that ToH-C is done (I'm going to do a bit of tinkering with it tomorrow), I'll have more time to devote to Mystery Men! and NOD 8.

To celebrate, I present a photo of my sister and I in our Halloween costumes a few decades ago.

I'm the knight, in case you couldn't figure it out. The armor was made by my father (thanks dad!) from poster board spray painted silver. The helmet was purchased from Toys 'R' Us - it was part of the official Dungeons and Dragons toy line - Strongheart the Paladin's helm. All of my original first edition and Moldvay-Cook gear came from Toys 'R' Us - I remember how excited I was when they finally opened one on our side of town (and it's still there - I wonder for how long). Good times!

Well, back to work. Just finished a Charlie Chan movie, now watching Robotech while tapping away at some more Mu-Pan encounters. Have fun and stay safe!


  1. That armor looks much more squared away then most LARP armor I ever saw...poser... ;-)

  2. Good news; great pic. Keep up the good work!


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