Thursday, September 20, 2012

After Earth RPG

I got an email a few days ago from Jeremy Penter asking if I'd post about a game he and some other folks are working on called After Earth. Now, I'm always a bit squeamish about promoting things not directly tied into old school gaming on this blog - I don't want to invoke eye-rolling from the core audience. On the other hand, plenty of folks out there have been nice enough to mention my nonsense and drive readers/customers to me, so I figure I should return the favor.

After Earth sounds like its a fantasy, post-apocalypse RPG that uses playing cards for task resolution. The Kickstarter page has some nice art on it as well as a bit more description of the rules and the game setting.

If you like post-apocalyptic settings, you might give this game a look-see.


  1. There was some other old school blog mentioning this. It does look interesting, at least until I had a gander at the sample character. Then I slowly backed away...

  2. Hi Jeremy, nice name! Same as mine. I am one of the creators of AfterEarth.

    Do you mean the old mock-ups put up last week? Or the ones that were up shortly this weekend?
    I would back away as well:) We tried to make it clear those were all to showcase the artist Boco's art and where it would be on a sheet. Those weren't the actual sheets for characters, just mockups for positioning and overall amount of content, especially on the city submission. That's one of the reasons we took them down after showing Boco's character sketch detail.
    I appreciate the comment though as I agree.


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