Monday, September 10, 2012

Boxes and Chains [Magic Items]

A couple magic items that popped into my head this weekend ...

Bento's Beneficient Box
Bento's Beneficient Box appears as a simple wooden box, about 6 inches long, 4 inches wide and 3 inches tall. Each time it is opened, it is filled with one meal's worth of food, the exact contents being random.

1 - Human meal - Tard tack and salt pork
2 - Dwarf meal - Thick gruel that tastes of dark, bitter ale, salty crackers
3 -Elf meal - Thin wafers (taste of vanilla and daisies) and a light salad
4 - Halfling meal - Meat pie and honey cakes
5 - Gnome meal - Mushroom stew and nutty cheese balls
6 - Orc mean - Grubs (still alive) soaked in bacon grease, something akin to pork rinds

The food is healthful and free of disease, but those who partake of it must pass a Fortitude saving throw (save vs. poison) or suffer the following side effects:

Human meal - +1 bonus to saving throws, inability to run away from a challenge for 24 hours

Dwarf meals - Knack for noticing stonework, become irascible and ill-tempered for 24 hours

Elf meals - Knack for noticing secret doors, become intolerably arrogant and snobby for 24 hours

Halfling meals - Knack for moving silently, become obsessed with food (consume double rations) for 24 hours

Gnome meals - Ability to speak with burrowing mammals, become an annoying practical joker and punnster for 24 hours

Orc meals - Knack for survival, become incredibly reckless and stubborn for 24 hours

Daisy's Devious Chain
This item appears as a simple daisy chain that has been magically preserved. It is impossible to unravel the chain, and saves vs. damage as an adamantine item. The wearer of the daisy chain (helmets must be removed) gains magic resistance 5%, can discern creatures that have changed shape or that are capable of changing shape (such as lycanthropes or doppelgangers) and leaves no tracks in the wilderness. If the wearer of the daisy chain engages in battle with animals (not magical beasts), plant monsters or fey, the daisy chain animates and attacks the wearer. If fighting animals, the daisy chain becomes a constrictor snake; if fighting plants it becomes three assassin vines, and if fighting fey it becomes animated chains (per medium animated object). In all cases, the monster gains a free attack due to surprise (unless this has happened before, of course) and attacks with a +2 bonus to hit in the first round of combat. After the monster has been defeated, or after it has killed its wearer, it turns back into a daisy chain.

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