Saturday, September 15, 2012

Three Dinosaurs For Your Primeval World ...

I was working up some quick dinosaur stats for the Hex Crawl Chronicle I'm writing, and figured - heck - why not throw them onto the blog. Stats for Blood & Treasure and Swords & Wizardry. No stats for Labyrinth Lord - it knows what it did ;)


Edmontosaurus is a large, duck-billed dinosaur. Edmontosaurus grew as long as 40 feet and weighed 4.4 tons. Their hides were thin and resembled that of the gila monster. Like most hadrosaurs, they were herbivores, browsing on vegetation by the water's edge. Edmontosaurus can trample smaller creatures by moving over them, inflicting 3d6 points of damage.

Edmontosaurus: Huge Animal; HD 14; AC 13; ATK 1 bite (2d6) and 1 tail (3d6); MV 40; F3 R6 W12; XP 700; AL Neutral; Special: Trample.

Edmontosaurus: HD 14; AC 6 [13]; Atk 1 bite (2d6) and 1 tail (3d6); Move 15; Save 3; CL/XP 14/2600; Special: Trample.


Pachycephalosaurus doesn't just have an awesome name - it also has one of the great domes in dinosaur history. These herbivores grew to 15 feet long and weighed 990 pounds, though they only stood about 6 feet tall. They can butt with their heads.

Pachycephalosaurus: Huge Animal; HD 6; AC 12; ATK 1 head butt (2d6) and 1 tail (1d8); MV 30; F7 R10 W15; XP 300; AL Neutral; Special: None.

Pachycephalosaurus: HD 6; AC 7 [12]; Atk 1 head butt (2d6) and 1 tail (1d8); Move 12; Save 11; CL/XP 6/400; Special: None.


These small dinosaurs had toothless beaks and might have fed on seeds, leaves, insects and other small animals. They grew to 12 feet in length and weighed about 370 pounds. Ornithomimus was quick animal, probably similar to a modern ostrich.

Ornithomimus: Large Animal; HD 3; AC 12; ATK 1 bite (1d6); MV 18; F11 R12 W17; XP 150; AL Neutral; Special: None.

Ornithomimus: HD 3; AC 7 [12]; Atk 1 bite (1d6); Move 18; Save 14; CL/XP 3/60; Special: None.


  1. Thanks for these. IMO, dinosaurs just don't appear enough in games these days. And your comment about Labyrinth Lord raised an eyebrow, then I followed the link. I use B/X D&D or LL in my games, but the stats you've given are almost usable as is.

    1. The Labyrinth Lord thing was just a joke. The beauty of old school is that all of these games are pretty compatible with each other.


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