Saturday, September 1, 2012

The She-Devil [New Class for B&T]

She-devils are females possessed not only of a righteous rage towards oppressors - especially male oppressors - but also the gift of puissance at arms from the goddess Scathach (or whatever war goddess best fits your milieu). Although she-devils often look the part of barbarians for their lack of armor (it is considered cowardly) and lack of covering (they have no shame in showing their feminine strength), they should not be confused for simple berserkers. She-devils are peerless swordswomen who draw their power from their vows of purity and dedication.

She-devils advance using the paladin XP scheme (see Blood & Treasure Players Tome).

Requirements: Strength and wisdom 11+, dexterity and charisma 14+

Hit Dice: d8 to 10th level, +3 hit points per level thereafter

Armor Allowed: Mail shirts (or shirts of leather, scale or ringmail*), shields and bucklers

Weapons Allowed: Any

Skills: Bend bars, break down doors, riding

She-devils must make a vow of chastity that can only be broken for a lover who has first defeated them in combat. If this vow is not upheld, the she-devil loses her special abilities. Her attack bonuses are reduced to that of a thief of the same level. She must atone to regain her abilities and must kill the person for whom she broker her vow. In addition, she-devils may not hire male henchmen, though they may use male hirelings and may adventure with male characters.

A she-devil enjoys a blanket +2 bonus to Armor Class due to her fluid fighting style and the blessings of Scathach. She-devils armed with a medium or larger weapon can deflect missiles, as a monk.

Although they balk at intimate human contact, a she-devil has a particular ability to affect the emotions of men. Once per day per level, a she-devil can exude an aura (30-ft. radius) that affects all men within the aura as either a crushing despair or cause fear spell. They can alternatively use this aura to inspire women as though using either the good hope or rage spell.

A she-devil can fly into a righteous rage under the following conditions: If she sees the weak being threatened or harmed by the powerful, if she sees a female humanoid being threatened or harmed, or if she is reduced to less than half her normal hit point total by a male humanoid (or monstrous humanoid). A raging she-devil enjoys a bonus to all saving throws, Armor Class and attack rolls equal to her charisma modifier. This rage lasts for 6 rounds. When it is over, the she-devil is fatigued (see conditions) for 1 hour. A she-devil can fly into this rage no more than three times per day.

A 6th level she-devil (hellion) may attack twice per round with a melee weapon.

A 9th level she-devil may establish a stronghold. She attracts a sisterhood of 2d6 amazons (of an alignment comparable to her own) and 4d6 commoners, all women and children, seeking shelter and safety.

A 12th level she-devil may invoke her righteous rage against male (or masculine) outsiders. In addition, the she-devil generates an effect equivalent to the protection from evil spell against these outsiders. 

* A shirt of armor grants a bonus to Armor Class one lower than a full suit - thus, a ringmail shirt grants an AC bonus of +2 instead of the +3 granted by a full suit of ringmail.


  1. Speaking of Amazons, I noticed the B&T monster entry for them doesn't have a section for them as Player Chracters (like a lot of other humanoid monsters do), yet some are mentioned as having classes. Should they just be treated as normal humans?

  2. How about this: No ability modifiers.

    Blue amazons have a +2 to save vs magic spells and are only surprised on a roll of 1 on 1d8. They can multi-class as cleric/fighters, cleric/paladins or cleric/magic-users.

    Green amazons have a +1 bonus to hit with bows and a knack at survival and tracking. They can multi-class as druid/fighters, druid/thieves (or maybe the scout variant thief) or druid/rangers.

    Red amazons can enter a rage once per day for 3 rounds, during which time they can strike twice per round, but suffer a -2 penalty to Armor Class. They can multi-class as cleric/fighters, fighter/thieves and fighter/magic-users.

  3. Dang it, I've been trying to watch my gaming budget, but I'm gonna have to order B&T now. LOL
    Any plans to convert some of the cool Pars Fortuna races to B&T?

  4. I'm mulling over that idea - might work as an article for the magazine

  5. Are hit dice meant to be d8 or d10. The text says one, the table says another.


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