Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Other Guy Who Says 'Ho Ho Ho' [Monster]

Be honest, wouldn't you like to see this guy ...

fighting a horde of these guys ...

Green Giant
Huge Giant, Lawful (NG), Average Intelligence; Solitary

Hit Dice: 13
Armor Class: 17
Attacks: 2 slams (1d10)
Saves: Fort 4, Ref 9, Will 9
Movement: 40
XP: 1,300 (CL 14)

Green giants dwell in lush, fertile areas, being the sons of fertility goddesses and therefore interested in agriculture. They tend to "adopt" farming regions, providing a service for the farmers in the area in the form of keeping invaders and pests out, and in return expecting tribute and worship for their divine mothers.

Once per day, they can unleash a mighty laugh that gladdens the hearts of farmers and honest folk (per the good hope spell) and strikes fear into the hearts of despoilers and wicked folk (per the cause fear spells). The range of this laugh is 6 miles.

Spells: At will--create water, purify food and drink, entangle, speak with plants; 3/day--goodberry, plant growth, repel vermin; 1/day-command plants, commune with nature.

Special Qualities: Magic resistance 50% vs. druid spells


  1. Fantastic. If I'm even more honest, I'd love to see the silly rabbit take on those nefarious, Trix-hoarding kids.

  2. Ha! A skeleton making a "Wilhelm Scream" towards the end of that clip. Funny.

  3. Little Green Sprout stats to follow? Or perhaps the bakers' guardian doughboy...

  4. I have this weird feeling that I did a dough golem somewhere before.


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