Friday, July 16, 2010

Deviant Friday Five - Akizhao Edition

Another Friday, another five pieces of art from an artist I follow at DeviantArt. This week, I'm highlighting akizhao.

Akizhao paints in what might be termed an "anime" style, or at least with anime sensibilities. This style can be a bit controversial in old school RPG circles, but I like it - hell, if it's good, I like it. Orthodoxy does not appeal to me.


Lao Dao
When fantasy games look to Asia for inspiration, they usually look to Japan. They might want to start looking at China, whose stories of "knight errants" is almost tailor-made for adventure games.

When the eight eyes peering back from a cave turn out to be this guy instead of the four kobolds the players were expecting, well then the game gets interesting.

Hope, Water and Heart Stop



  1. Aaaaa! Dungeonpunk! Must... tear... eyes... out...

  2. Nice work there. I particularly like the Chinese-esque mage.


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