Thursday, July 8, 2010

Inspirational Art - Gustaf Tenggren

If you haven't experienced Gustaf Tenggren before, please make an effort to do so (beyond the few images in this post). As I complete the J10 map of Venatia with its pseudo-Western European vibe, understand that images like those of Tenggren are foremost on my mind. These images come from Illustrateurs, a French blog that makes me feel more sophisticated every time I read it.

Fairies are underused in modern fantasy, in my opinion. There's no better "big bad guy" than a little bastard who can mind your mind in two

Going after a dragon with an AC of 9 [10] - that's bravery

Talking animal (i.e. halfling) in an ogre king's castle - that could happen in NOD.

Tenggren's design for the Evil Queen in Snow White.

This, my friend, is a paladin.

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