Friday, July 23, 2010

NOD #3 For Sale

I've just put NOD #3 up for sale here as a print magazine for $10.00 and an e-book for $3.50. This one comes in at 122 pages - about 34 pages more than the last two. Articles in this one are:

Beastmen of Nabu - 13 race / race-class / monsters for your game.

Gods of Nabu - A pseudo-Egyptian pantheon of 37 gods and goddesses with 9 new spells

The Nabu Wasteland - a sandbox hexcrawl with over 150 encounters and many new monsters

The Elementalist - a magic-user who casts spells by commanding elemental spirits

The Druids of Nod - a new take on the druid class for Old School games

Phantastes, Part II - second part of our serialization of George MacDonald's fantasy classic, with annotations for gamers


  1. Looks good, just picked it up and #2 also as pdfs.

  2. Thanks JD! I hope you find it useful in your gaming.

  3. The contents and cover look great. You would make me spend more money right after Comic-Con!


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