Friday, July 23, 2010

Deviant Friday Five - Alan Lathwell Edition

Today's feature Deviant is Alan Lathwell. Lathwell has a more classic style than previous featured artists.

The Mercenary
I like the pose and the helmet - basically a fighting-man with a short bow, short sword and leather armor looking for work.

Washer at the Ford
The concept of a "wandering omen" doesn't show up much in fantasy games - banshees and black hounds are usually things that force you to roll initiative. Consider how much more effective they would be if there was nothing a player could do about them but wait and worry

The Battle
Law vs. Chaos

Elf Queen
Despite the ears, a far more realistic depiction of the female form than we usually get in modern art

Merlin and Arthur


  1. Just a question, have you ever considered contacting some of these artists for NOD covers?

  2. Herb - I've talked to an artist about a PARS FORTUNA cover, and, for a full color job, it's pretty expensive - way more than I am likely to get back. But, if things progress to a point where the magazines are making some decent coin, I'd love to either commission covers or just purchase existing fantasy art. My fingers are crossed.


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