Friday, July 16, 2010

Playing around with potential cover art for PARS FORTUNA.


This possibility features really nice art by Burne-Jones of Fortuna and her wheel ... and probably is not even slightly appropriate for a game about sword-wielding clones, wasp-women and anthropomorphic pangolins delving in dungeons for gold and glory. Looks nice, but probably not what I'll use.

I'll probably go with one of my commissioned art pieces, but that means a black and white cover. I'm very hesitant about doing a throwback to the original booklets since it's been done a few times before, but they do have a classic look in black & white. Other option would be to commission for color for the black & white piece, but I've probably spent as much on art as is prudent for a one-man operation like myself. I'll keep playing around - maybe I'll come up with something both cheap and dynamic ...


  1. Keep Fortuna, but make the wheel of the figures of potential player characters in all their alien glory.

  2. May I suggest Agache's majestic depiction of Fortune? Found at the bottom, here.

  3. Roger - Love the Agache painting, but I'll need to find a large size image to make it work as a cover - price is right, though.

    Myth - Fortuna with the alien PCs would be awesome, but almost certainly outside my budget for a cover, which currently stands at $0.

    Thanks for the ideas, though - I appreciate all the feedback I can get!


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