Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How Do People Find The Land of Nod?

Looking at my blog stats - here are the search terms that directed people to my blog this week ...

Search Keywords

land of nod rpg blog (3)

john stater nod free (3)

land of nod blog (2)

bahama underwater caves vortex (2)

john stater nod (2)

land of nod d&d (1)

amtcheret goddess (1)

liberace in bathtub (1)

land of nod (1)

alp demons breast milk (1)

I love that people found their way here by searching for Liberace in a bathtub and alp demon breast milk!


  1. Wait a minute...Did I miss you statting Liberace in the bathtub?

  2. Clovis - Amtcheret was a wife of Seth - you can find here at

    Trey - No, but you might have missed the picture of me in Liberace's bathtub here


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