Monday, July 19, 2010

NOD #3 - Getting Close

I'm almost finished with NOD #3. I have a little bit of writing left to do, some editing, some art to add, a few mini-dungeon maps to finish drawing and a cover image to find. Looks like this one will come in at around 120 pages, so the price might increase a little, at least on the print version. Slated articles are:

Nabu - The sandbox covering the eastern half of the wilderness map that first appeared in NOD #1 (free download just to the right). This time, there are about six mini-dungeons with maps. This sucker weighs in at almost 80 pages.

Gods of Nabu - A pseudo-Egyptian pantheon - around 20 deities and a few new spells.

Beastmen of Nabu - 13 bestial humanoids statted up as monsters, races and race/classes + art by Charles LeBrun.

The Druid - The druid done for S&W. I've made some alterations since posting it on the blog, mostly in terms of the spell selection and the special abilities.

The Elementalist - A magic-user who commands elemental spirits.

Phantastes - Second installment of George MacDonald's fantasy story, along with annotations for role-players.

The plan is to publish by this Friday.

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