Saturday, July 31, 2010

July Sales Report

In case folks are interested in how much product I'm actually moving ...

NOD #1 (e-book) - FREE - 463 downloads (+90 since June)
NOD #1 (print) - $9.00 - 12 sales (+6 since June)

NOD #2 (e-book) - $3.50 - 11 sales (+8 since June)
NOD #2 (print) - $9.00 - 10 sales (+5 since June)

NOD #3 (e-book) - $3.50 - 5 sales
NOD #3 (print) - $10.00 - 4 sale

Total Sales - 42 (+28 since June)

The print sales of #1 really warm my heart, since it means people were willing to pay for otherwise free content, but of course I'm thankful to everyone who has bought a copy of NOD, and really hope you find the content useful.

The 15% off sale on the print version of NOD #2 runs until August 15 - just use the code "BEACHREAD305".


  1. FORTY total sales is great considering how much FREE stuff is out there.
    More impressive is the expansion of your follower base in a crowded blog-o-sphere filled with numerous 'me-too' websites.

    I also like the picture,
    glasses, coat and tie, make you look
    smart, respectable and dignified.

    Now totally non-D&D questions;

    Is Harry Reid going to get reElected ?
    When is the LV housing market going to recover?

  2. Thanks! I'm pretty happy with how things are going NOD-wise. The photo is from work, where I have to appear smart, respectable and dignified. As for Harry Reid - I avoid politics on this blog, so no comment. On the housing market - there's still a big oversupply of homes and Vegas has lost many, many jobs (about 30,000 construction jobs alone), and we're also losing population right now (most likely - actually hard to measure). So, when we see some recovery on The Strip, we'll begin to see recovery throughout the Valley, and then we'll see people moving back and homes beginning to sell at a quicker pace. Probably no major recovery until 2011.

  3. that reminds me, I got to send a check to Sue Lowden . . .
    I dont believe in politics, but I believe in MUDDLE - the less politicians do, the better off are the little people (me and you)

    If the republicans regain the congress,
    I would encourage reElection of OBAMA
    If the democrats retain the congress, I will vote for a republican presidential candidate in 2012;

    select video #5


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