Monday, September 27, 2010

Mystery Men! Update - The Occultists

Ladies and gentlemen, we have backing. The project is now 109% funded with the addition of three more backers (for a total of 11): Jonathan Davis, Matthew Schmeer of Rended Press (who put us over the top!) and Andrew Kane. Thanks to everybody who has become a backer, and to everyone else thinking about it - dive right in. We have 15 days left, and the more funding the project gets, the more art I can commission for it. Don't forget to check out the alpha document every so often to see my progress on the rules and setting - and feel free to chime in with your thoughts and suggestions.

Last update, I previewed the elementals who were up for a vote on who gets illustrated by our artist, Joel Carroll (that's a sample of his work above) and included in the book as sample heroes. This time, we'll wander into the world of the occult.

Danny "Paddy" Sullivan (yes, an Irish cop - they were breaking new ground with this strip), upon being killed in the line of duty, discovers that he is now an "earth-bound spirit". Instead of sneaking into girls' locker rooms, he takes the high road and fights evil (Prof. Evil, in fact).

What kind of internet nerd would I be without including at least one of Fletcher Hanks' creations. Fantomah is a god-like being who protects the jungles of Africa. When she "gods-up" she turns blue and her face becomes a skull - nothing strange about that.

John Force has a magic coin that he uses as the Magic Agent to fight communism. Without his coin, he's still a trained secret agent, with all the butt-kickery that involves.

An egyptian generald named Amron, he is accidentally revived by an incantation read by a bandit leader. Amron now fights injustice as the Phantom Sphinx with the help of sorcerous powers and a magic carpet.

A police scientist killed in an explosion, he discovers that as a ghost he can continue to fight crime. He eventually discovers Ghost Town and its famous residents like Captain Kidd, Robin Hood and Johnny Appleseed. The only person who can see or hear Sgt Spook is a teenage kid named Jerry. And yes, I know, not that different from the Duke of Darkness above, but I loved the art and the name and just had to include him in the competition.

Remember - no need to vote your favorite now, as the official ballot will be sent out when the project finally ends in October.


  1. Excellent news re:backing! As to today's candidates this has been my favourite selection to date - difficult to choose between so many far out characters ;)


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