Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mystery Men! Update

The project now has five backers - with Wendy Stater (who may or may not be my wife - Hi honey!) and old friend and fellow blogger Tom Feeney joining the project as Golden Age patrons and Trey Causey, architect of the The City, becoming a Silver Age patron. The project is now 47% funded with 26 days to go - if you're considering becoming a backer, check out the Kickstarter page HERE.

I've made a minor update to the google doc - taking a few spare minutes this morning to write about ability score generation. Nothing too exciting yet, as this month is dedicated to producing NOD #5, PARS FORTUNA and a secret project I'm working on.

Now, part of the community involvement in this project concerns which heroes are going to get the nod and be drawn by our artist, Joel Carroll (that's a sample of his work in the upper right corner), and included in the book as sample heroes. I've gone through about 300 golden age, public domain heroes and whittled it down to 35 heroes in seven different categories - Golden Age patrons are going to get to vote on which hero from each category makes the cut. Today, I'm featuring the five heroes competing in the Ubermensch category.

An ubermensch is a hero based on the prototypical hero - flight, super strength, invulnerability and a few extra powers stuck in to avoid a copyright violation. Our ubermenschen are ...

A seaman named Willy with the power of the atom in his hands - is there anything radiation can't do?

His name is Lance Gallant, and he has a magic birthmark that joins him with his dead twin - not for nothing did he appear in Crack comics

Black-clad avenger of injustice - imagine if Supes went around torturing people - now imagine he lived under the 1939 World's Fair

Cantankerous alien defender of Earth - I needed an alien in this category for obvious reasons, and I liked that this one seemed to have a crappy attitude toward the people he was saving, probably because of the name they gave him - and check out those eyebrows!

Demi-goddess defender of the great white north. Her enemies include the Queen of Statica (too clingy), Dr. Electra (has a complex) and Adolf Hitler (yeah, that guy).

Golden Age patrons don't need to vote now - if the project gets funded I'll email you a "ballot" to handle all that.


  1. Just backed you! I am looking forward to seeing this project.

  2. Thanks you sir! I'm getting pretty excited about it too!

  3. Hey really interested in being part of this, but I don't use Credit Cards... is there anyway I can make a donation via PayPal?

  4. I see two options. The first option would be for you to buy an giftcard with cash, and then use that to pay. The second option would be to send me the money via paypal, and I could then make the donation for you. To use the second option, I'll have to first look into my paypal account and see if I can accept money with it. Send me an email so that I don't forget about it this, and I'll communicate further with you via the email.


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