Sunday, September 19, 2010

PARS FORTUNA Monster Vote!

I'm going to commission a monster piece from Russ Nicholson, my favorite monster illustrator ever (yeah, I'm one of those Fiend Folio fans - I even like the flumph). The question is - what monster should I request? I've decided to let the readers of this blog make the decision for me. You will see below a description of five monsters - just leave a comment on this post with your choice or shoot me an email and in a week I'll tally the results and see about making the commission.

1. Fiend: A scaly demon carrying a barbed spear and sticking out a long, wavy tongue.

2. Meagle: Stunted piskie, looks like a cross between a hedgehog and gnome with bat wings; carry nets woven from human hair.

3. Nine: Humanoid otter with four beady eyes; carries a long knife and/or sling; quaff mystic beer; extremely quick.

4. Eight-Headed Creeper: Weird creatures with eight jabberwocky-ish heads on long necks, clawed feet, long arms with long, nimble fingers and large, bat-like wings.

5. Bounder: Giant bipedal grasshoppers wielding military forks and chakram.


UPDATE - Interesting! After a day of voting, people have pretty much divided into the Meagle party and the 8-Headed Creeper party, with the Bounder showing up in the roll of the Libertarians. Keep the votes coming - I'll collect them until next Sunday and then reveal the winner and request the commission.


  1. Man, its a tough decision...count me in for 8-headed creeper, though.

  2. I'm a fan of the Eight-Headed Creeper, because it has the mutant hydra sound to it. :)

    With Regards,

  3. Meagle I think, although Bounder is tempting.

  4. True story: the Forlarren from the Fiend Folio, illustrated by Russ, originally started off in the White Dwarf "Fiend Factory" as ... the Fiend.

    Wheels within wheels ...

  5. Throw me in for the Eight-headed Creeper, as well. The Bounder would be my second choice.

  6. Bounder, am I weird for also liking the Nine??

  7. Bounder, 'cause I'm a big fan of 500 Million Years to Earth.


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