Thursday, September 23, 2010

Update on All Things Nodian

What a busy month! Here's a quick update on what I'm up to ...

First - I'm going to spend some time on Western Venatia tonight and should have a post - I've neglected this one the last couple of weeks because it won't be published until December, but it's high time I get some work done on it.

Second - NOD #5 looks to be on schedule for early October. Ibis, City of Sorcerers is 95% finished, and there will be the Illusionist, the Mystery Men article, Mines & Minerals and another level of the mega-ish-dungeon I started in NOD #4.

Third - Sales are pretty good this month (thank you everyone who purchased a magazine!), though I doubt they are good enough to win Lulu's September sales contest. Apparently, you can now get 15% off your purchase with the code "FALLREAD305". Check out the Lulu storefront or the Old School Renaissance storefront. I also have a CafePress storefront with a few t-shirts for sale.

Four - The Mystery Men! patronage project is proceeding along pretty well. It is now 80% funded with 19 days left to go. Two more Golden Age patrons or four more Silver Age patrons will do it, so if you'd like to be a backer go visit Kickstarter and sign up. If we can gather more than $210 dollars, we can order more art for the project, which will be distributed as a free PDF (and open game content) and as a low-cost softcover book via Lulu. You can view the alpha document to watch the progress on writing the rules (and feel free to send me suggestions).

Five - PARS FORTUNA is about 90% complete - I just need to finish up some magic item descriptions. I'm playtesting it next week and hope to publish it in November. If you haven't voted for the monster you'd like to see Nicholas Russ illustrate for the book, visit this post and let your voice be heard.

And that's all folks. One RPG and two more NODs for 2010, and then I can rest a bit.

Art is from Steve Bialik's Samurai Wars, found via Super Punch. Check it out.


  1. I purchased NOD #2-#4 in PDF form this month after having read the free download. I'm really enjoying the setting so far and can't wait for #5.


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