Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tales from the Boneyard

Since I've been talking about comic books on this site recently, I though I would share this project from my home town of Las Vegas: Tales from the Boneyard - the boneyard in question being where many of the old neon signs from "the Strip" and Downtown casinos are kept. Those of you who watched Mars Attacks might remember a scene shot in the old boneyard.

Tales from the Boneyard is a collection of comic stories by local artists, with proceeds of sales going to support our public libraries (yes, we have them).

As for Mystery Men! - 4 backers and almost half way to the goal. Lend your support if you're interested in an easy to learn, easy to play, easy to afford comic book hero game!


  1. Hey, Matt! Thanks for posting this. We appreciate your support.

  2. er, JOHN. Totally meant John. Yep. :)

  3. You can call me Matt - I use John online and at work because it's my first name, and a good chunk of the planet seems to have trouble with people going by their middle name. But friends and family call me Matt.


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