Friday, November 25, 2011

Deviant Friday - Leinilyu Edition

Playing some Space Princess with the daughter tonight. Had a brief skirmish between her crew of 6 and a sapphire space dragon. She lost her gynoid star warrior, but they finally finished off the dragon. Now I'm looking at the next artist in line for a Deviant Friday spotlight, and I see that it is Leinilyu, who happens to have some nice sci-fi art. Leinilyu brings Travis Charest to mind - very nice lines, understated and beautiful, but some great action work as well. Enjoy.


Digital Girl

Nike bot

Keeping Up With the Joneses



Serenity Cover

Sworn Sword Cover


  1. Much as I like his work, he's wasted on Bendis' rubbish Avengers scripts. I'd love to see Yu doing some Conan or similar; his rough-edged, kinetic style seems perfect for something wild and dangerous like that.

  2. The first few years of avengers I thought were pretty great--and kinetic. Before and during Civil War--with th eninjas and all that


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