Friday, November 18, 2011

Too Many Ideas ...

Queen & Kaiser
Role playing in the late colonial period. Semi-Victorian gaming - gentleman of fortune, soldiers, daredevils, naturalists, native scouts, jungle guys and gals, etc. - but the game incorporates the competition between the Great Powers, such that the victories and defeats of the PC's translate into victories and defeats by their patron power. You'd have to incorporate competitions of manners, honor, exploration, etc. Inspired as more by the satirical cartoons of the period and adventure fiction than realty. Maybe add some steampunk and occult rules for folks who want that, but otherwise keep it plausible rather than fantastic.


Image from wikipedia.


  1. Yah, add to that mix scientists giving public demonstrations of physics experiments, condensing liquid oxygen and combusting it for a finale, running van der Graaf generators and other such gizmos on folks. That fine line between science and spectacle (and the patronage/funding model that it implies for research in that era) tracks well with both steampunk ethos and the early 20th C vision of Indiana Jones, et al., as mercenary scientists. Interesting take on things, sir.


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