Friday, January 20, 2012

Into the Land of Nod

And so it has begun!

Last weekend, I officially started two things - my Blood and Treasure playtest and a foray into the hex crawls I've written for the Land of Nod using Google +. The games are play-by-post - maybe someday I'll have enough time to run some ConstantCon games with Google hangouts, but for now pbp will have to do.

Eleven brave souls have stepped forward to brave Nod, and I've split them into two teams, which I've nicknamed Team Blood and Team Treasure.

Team Blood was placed at 3rd level. It currently consists of a lawful gnome cleric of Hercules, a human paladin, an elf fighter, a halfling duelist, a dwarf ranger and his guard dog and a human fighter. Their foray into Nod has begun in the wicked city of Ophir, where they've already had the opportunity to save a boy and his frog from an escaped carnivorous ape. Team Blood is now gathering at the Bloody Bones Tavern to talk things over.

Meanwhile, Team Treasure was placed at 6th level and consists of an elf duelist, elf ranger, dwarf barbarian, half-elf sorcerer and human cleric of Atlas. This group was lured to Ophir to collect a possible inheritance from an archmage they all had known in the past, but found themselves conked on the head for their trouble. Waking up, they witnessed their attackers fleeing the scene due to some confusion (apparently a carnivorous ape that was in their possession escaped into the city streets), taking with them a single belonging of one of the PC's. They're now hot on the trail of the two thieves.

If anyone else would like to adventure in the Land of Nod, look for me on Google + (John Stater) and let me know. I can't promise to get you in on the action immediately, but once there are enough adventurers lined up, I can start a new group (Team Ampersand?) and set you loose on the sandbox.


Image of a human bard by Jon Kaufman from the forthcoming Blood and Treasure RPG.


  1. I like how you've put us in the same place, at the same time :) Sneaky.

  2. Seemed like a good way to start things off. The adventures launch from the same moment, but aren't really connected.

  3. Right - I added you on this new-fangled Google+ thing. Now, when do I get to get my hands on this game?

    I've been eagerly awaiting the chance to buy it - it's pretty much *perfect* for me and my group - the right mix of rules heavy to light, and easily used with most D&D sources - without the stupid amount of rules 3.5 ends up with!

    Keep up the good work, man!

  4. Do you want to get in on the playtest, or are you just looking for an idea of the release date?

  5. Both, if possible... I guess it depends on a few factors:

    What time/days would you be able to drop me in?

    1. Release Date: Not set. I have a bit more to finish writing it, for one thing, and I'm just starting the play testing. My guess would be some time in March or April.

      As for the Google + play test. The game is play-by-post, so there's no particular time you have to show up. Just follow along and respond to whatever happens to be going on. If you want to join in, just shoot me an email and I'll send you a set of dice rolls you can assign to ability scores and a document that gives you all the info you need to participate.


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