Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thor Dee-Lite!

A few months back I posted about backing Jeff Dee's project of re-producing his old TSR art that was apparently thrown away (God, to back in time to that day and dumpster dive!). A couple weeks ago I got this spiffy signed print of Anubis.

Today, he announced the re-creation of his drawings for the Norse mythos, and with the $20 level getting you a signed print of Thor - the drawing that made me a lifelong fan of the thunder god - I had to jump in. Should look good next to old Jackal-head when I get them both framed.

I love me some Kickstarter. It helped give birth to Mystery Men! and many other worthy old school endeavors. Long may it reign.

Okay - in a couple hours I'll post those Cave Brawl teams. Until then, have fun ...

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