Friday, June 24, 2011

Deviant Friday - Ben McSweeney Edition

Ben McSweeney - InkThinker on DeviantArt - does some nice, professional work. I think it's some of the best line work I've ever seen, and the detail is excellent. Check it out.

Spellbound Cover

Stun Jelly


Pummel o7


Belkar Bitterleaf

Ringo Noyama

The Ronin Scroll

Dwarf Portrait

Fantasy Craft - Long Shot

Old Spell

Monkey vs. Snake

Fantasy Craft Cover


  1. I love the Alleyway pic. Wish someone could make a great game with that style.

  2. Thanks Matt. One of the things I most appreciate about your deviant art features is that you always include the artists name in the tag for the picture. Makes it easier for me to find the same artist on Devient art again months after Ive saved a copy of his art to use as a reference in my games.


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