Thursday, June 9, 2011

Need Superhero Minis?

You might want to check this out. Marcio Takara did these tiny illos of superheroes a while back, and though most are no longer posted individually, you can grab them en masse. Print them out, glue them to cardboard, cut them out and then affix them to some binder clips, download and print Mystery Men! and you're ready to fight crime.

While you're at it, browse Takara's gallery - you won't be disappointed.

PS - Just got my hard copy of Mystery Men! delivered from Lulu. Came out great - I opted for stapled binding this time so the book would be easier to lay flat on a table while playing the game. Should have it up for sale soon!


  1. Very Kewl, I recently downloaded Mystery Men and I am in the process of trying to convince some buddies to roll up characters. These "minis" are great!


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