Friday, June 3, 2011

United States Robot Army ... 'Nuff Said

You have to love a blog title that sells itself. The USRA is the invention of Francesco Francavilla, one of my favorite comic book artists (from a guy who hasn't purchased a comic book in 20 years). Besides doing lots of work for DC, Francesco is starting work on a series about the United States Robot Army.

Today, he posted some pictures of a bit of sculpture he's working on that I thought gamers might be interested in. It immediately brought to my mind this great little CGI short of a WWII giant robot battle. Of course, the American 'bot should have had sergeant's stripes on its helmet, but that's just a nitpick. There was also a neat website with giant robots from the Great War (WWI), but despite my best efforts I couldn't find the link.

Anyhow - If you don't already follow Francesco's Pulp Sunday blog, check it out - lots of great art and sometimes links to old pulp stories and radio shows.

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  1. What a cool site - thanks for posting this. I'm sure I never would have heard of it otherwise!


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