Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mystery Men! - Meat on a Rampage

Like this, only with pants (thank God!)
Dr. Zanislav Prokov, Russian émigré and visiting scholar at Shore City University, was pursuing his research into the medical uses of radioactive enzymes late one night when his laboratory was broken into by a gang of students looking for drugs. In the ensuing fight, the doctor fell into a tub of his radioactive enzymes and transformed into something monstrous.

The enzymes not only made him terrifically strong and nearly invulnerable to pain, they also warped his mind, imbuing him with rage and giving him the ability to project that rage in the form of field of pure force.

Unable to continue his work, Dr. Prokov has become a super powered criminal and a frequent foe of the Golden Gladiators. Despite his scientific training and intellect, his crimes are usually simple - bursting into a bank and tearing the vault door off its hinges or jumping on top of an armored car and battering his way in to steal the loot. On occasion, he does nothing more than go on a rampage, destroying cars and buildings out of sheer hatred for his misfortune.

Note: A 100 XP penalty will be assessed to folks who make the obvious joke about “beating Meat” in the comments. Probably still worth it, though - have fun!

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