Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shields Again and Knights of the Round Table

So, I'm watching Knights of the Round Table on TCM right now and thought - I need to blog this. I don't think I've ever seen it before, and I rather like the way the aforementioned knights are not treated as super-heroes, but rather men in armor with weapons trying to kill each other - some heroically, some villainously. The fight scenes are nice as well - a good antidote to modern movie fights, which I must admit tend to leave me cold.

Anyhow - Armor vs. Weapons - A little notion popped into my head earlier today about armor and weapons, so I figured I'd throw it into this post as well. Armor at one point was sometimes classified as "proof" against a weapon - usually firearms. This made me think that, assuming you use variable weapon damage, you could classify armor as proof against a damage dice, such that weapons using that dice or smaller would suffer a penalty to hit someone in that armor. So, for example:

Platemail is proof against 1d6
Chainmail is proof against 1d4
Leather is proof against nothing

Thus, attacking a platemail armored knight with a short sword or hand axe or dagger is done at a -1 penalty. Likewise, attacking a man in chainmail with a dagger or club. Obviously, you could alter the specifics as you like. Or perhaps in place of a penalty, you allow those weapons to do but minimum damage (i.e. 1 point plus strength bonus). This could also allow you to reduce the armor modifier for plate, chain and leather and boost the bonus for using a shield. Maybe change the modifier for leather/chain/plate to +1/+2/+3, while shields grants a +3 bonus to AC.


  1. Watching it right now! Very cool!

  2. That was good fun! I could see the dice rolling and the DM fiating when Lancelot torched, hacked, slashed, bashed, and mercilessly slew his way out of Guinevere's chambers. What a fighting man! Also, fantastic two-handed sword battle at the end...followed by a fully armored plunge into quicksand! Screw CGI!

  3. Going off your "proof" idea - you could harken back to 1E's different weapon damage v. large creatures. Maybe your sword only does 1d4 v. plate, but 1d8 v. leather. Could be an intresting variation.

  4. Have you ever seen this scene from El Cid (1961). Wonderfully acted and choreographed. I always picture fights in 'Pendragon' this way.

  5. That was dandy. You know, I've never watched El Cid. I'm going to have to remedy that situation.


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