Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Space Princess Rough Draft

When I get an idea, sometimes I have to run it down. Draft 1 of SPACE PRINCESS. Very skeletal now - maybe I'll fill it in and turn it into a proper game, maybe not. Let me know what you think. I'm aiming for a tightly focused "beer and pretzels" kind of game - 5 minutes to make characters, and then into the space fortress to rescue the princess.


Image by Alex Raymond via Comic Art Community


  1. I have been totally waiting for the final version of your awesome map, not a princess! WHERE IS THE MAP! ;)

    EDIT: word verification: undone
    Even blogger demands action!

  2. Holy crap--that was fast! We only had to wait for one more post!

  3. I like what I see! This would be great for running a "Dumarest of Terra" type game!


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