Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hex Crawl Chronicle 4 Done!

Yes sir - finished writing HCC 4: The Shattered Empire tonight, so I'm ready to have a cocktail and watch some old movies. I'll do a quick edit and send it to the Frog God tomorrow, along with the maps. This one involves the Northmen, who appear in HCC 1 and HCC 2 as colonists. In HCC 4 you see the heart of their empire, which is embroiled in a war of succession between the three daughters of the murdered emperor. It's a standard hex crawl, but attempts to throw in the concept of armies on the march, besieged cities and some royal intrigue, with the adventurers maybe stumbling on the missing Imperial Regalia that one must own to legally take the imperial throne. So - one more down, at least 5 more to go, with the next one being set by the seaside, with seven angry tribes and a band of colonists who escaped the sinking of their island homes far to the east.

Tomorrow - I'll post something fun - probably another preview of Yun-Bai-Du. I'm almost done with that article for NOD 9, and then I need to finish up a short Pars Fortuna adventure (The Titans' Door) and a Mystery Men! adventure (Washed Out in Washoe) for that magazine and it will be ready to go. Which reminds me - I need to commission a western-style superhero illo - anyone have a good artist suggestion?

Oh, also this ...


Image is The Battle of Alexander at Issus by Altdorfer (I've wondered if the Empire's capital of Altdorf in Warhammer was named for him)


  1. I always thought the name was taken from the old caapital of the Swss canton of Uri,,_Switzerland

  2. Interestingly, it's also the illustration on the box-cover for GW original release of the Mighty Empires Campaign boxed set.

    Sounds like a cracking good hex crawl to me actually. What sort of level range are we looking at?

  3. Yeah - Mighty Empires is the first place I ever saw that painting. Level Range is probably in the neighborhood of 5th to 9th level, though larger parties of lower level characters with retainers might be able to handle it as well. As a hex crawl, its designed for long term play, rather than as a single adventure. Getting a hold of the Imperial Regalia would probably take a name-level party of characters.


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