Friday, June 3, 2011

Deviant Friday - Ig Guara Barros Edition

igbarros does some really nice work - nice lines, nice colors. You can find many samples of his pencil skills in his DeviantArt gallery - check it out. I love his versions of the old DnD cartoon characters, and would love to see his takes on the rest of the cast. The image after the jump break is NSFW, by the way, so take care gentle traveler.

Tiamat Cover

DnD Bob

DnD Sheila


The Giant Slayer



suicide sheila


  1. Pretty cool, except how did Sheila get a boob job in the Realms? Do the bog beasts specialize in plastic surgery?

  2. They have a spell for everything else ...

  3. It is the Realms. I mean, when Elminster shags everything that moves, you can be pretty sure he's come up with a way to raise comeliness scores...

    Those are some fantastic renders of the D&D characters. And, I LOVE the lion-man vs. croc-man picture.


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