Monday, June 20, 2011

Naming Yun-Bai-Du's Streets

Time to name some streets. I noted them on the map using letters, since writing the names on the streets can be a pain and sometimes the darn things obscure the buildings.

In Yun-Bai-Du, you have the long, circular streets that wind around the divine mountain and then the smaller streets that slope down from the mountain to the outer wall.

A - Street of the Earthbound
B - Way of the Dragon
C - Sublime Path of the Tiger King
D - Street of the Ninefold Virtues
E - Nine Dragon Road
F - Street of the Eastern Wall
G - Street of the Most Low
H - Splendid Abundance Street
I - Street of the Western Wall
J - Tiger King Road
K - Street of the Yellow Swordsman
L - Street of Jubilant Spirits
M - Street of the Black Tortoise
N - Street of the Golden Rabbit
O - Peaceful Flower Road
P - Road of the Five Manifold Thunders
Q - Street of the Unflinching Stone
R - Street of the Slumbering Warriors
S - Filial Piety Street
T - Northern Gate Street
U - Golden Promise Street
V - Street of 10,000 Monkeys
W - Street of the Blessed Peach
X - Calligrapher Street
Y - Street of the Wondrous Maiden
Z - Street of Elemental Truth
# - Street of the Burning Red Star
@ - Street of the Prosperous Phoenix
$ - Street of the Jade Tiger
& - Silk Merchant Road


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