Friday, June 17, 2011

A sack of dead man's fingers swiped at the autumn equinox ...

Magic Spell Ingredients:
A sack of dead man's fingers swiped at the autumn equinox
Fresh leg of cow
2 cups of beaten feathers of frog
A piggybank of laughs scrumped at dawn

Magic Spell Method:
Scald in the cauldron on the third Wednesday of the month.

Magic Spell Effects:
Induces angry dragons to vomit cherry stones, and makes men with small heads forget who they are.

I got this nifty little spell from HERE, via a Facebook link from Neoncon Naomi. Actually not a bad generator for on-the-fly spell components for RPGs, judging from this random generation. Could be a fun way to run a weird fantasy, non-dungeon-crawly game - everyone plays a mage, and everyone randomly generates their spells from here and then goes about solving a mystery.

I also discovered that my unicorn name is Sunflower Celestial Lord, and that I'm as dark as the night sky and change the weather. So, not a bad day's work, really.


Image from HERE.


  1. Not bad at all Sunflower. For my part, I the curse that followed me yesterday followed today as well. What I need is a curse-breaker, in case it's a three-day thing. I'll check that link, and if nothing else, I'll research my unicorn name. That should hold enough power to stave off the worst disasters.

  2. Magic Spell Ingredients:
    A bureau of acorns lectured to at dawn
    Fresh toes of pigeon
    A pinch of chopped eye of frog
    Crushed beak of unicorn

    Magic Spell Method:
    Dissolve with acid in the cauldron at dawn.

    Magic Spell Effects:
    Induces greedy husbands to grow onions wherever they walk, and makes old men and women vomit cherry stones.

    I agree with that suggestion about a game.

  3. Very fun post. And I like the name, Sunflower. Thanks for stopping by yesterday and showing an interest. Probably though, I won't do an excerpt on my blog. Up next for it is Tim's Big Blue Pencil ...


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