Saturday, June 18, 2011

Super Lazy Free RPG Day Post

I like to think that every day is free RPG day in the Land of Nod. Yeah, I know - a cheap blog post. I'll have something more fun later today.

A bare-bones sketch of an idea for a sci-fi "dungeon crawl" game involving a team of heroes delving into a dark lord's space fortress to rescue the space princess.

Mystery Men! is a rules-lite role playing game based on the original fantasy rpg that lets you play out comic book adventures. Includes a sample setting and scenario. Available at as a BOOK.

The basic rules for the PARS FORTUNA experiment in random game design include four playable race/classes (level 1 to 4), sixty spells from level 1 to 3, dozens of monsters, 40 new magic items and scads of alternate rules. Play PARS FORTUNA on its own or use it as a toolbox to spice up your favorite old school rules. The complete rules are on sale at as a PDF and BOOK.

In this first issue of NOD, you can explore the Wyvern Coast, a sandbox hexcrawl with over 190 encounters. There are six new classes, three new races, a random village generator, a dozen new deities, new monsters, and more! Compatible with most Old School game systems. Over 1,300 downloads so far - what have you been waiting for!? Available at as a BOOK.

This holiday issue of NOD includes a massive sandbox hexcrawl adventure, another level of the Pleasure Palace of Izrigul (and a very odd level at that), holiday-inspired spells and magic items, a pseudo-Olympian pantheon of gods and goddesses and The Traveler - a world-hopping class for old school games. Available at as an E-BOOK and BOOK.

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