Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Grab Bag

Happy Fathers Day, folks! (Yeah, like we don't know all the real money is in Mothers Day). Enjoy some random nonsense from across the internet.

Betty vs. Veronica Department

Just for the record, I'm also Betty over Wilma and Mary Ann vs. Ginger. From HERE.

Gargons are Real! Department

According to this article, lobsters never stop growing as long as they live, and they apparently show no signs of aging. Bonus points if you know what movie I'm referencing without googling.

I Think to Myself, It's a Wonderful World Department

So I wake up this morning, jump on the internet and learn of the existance of something I never would have thought existed.

Crappy Place to Encounter a Fire Elemental Department

Roll for initiative, sucka! Although on second thought - I'm really not sure what I'm looking at here - that might be weirdly lit ice. In which case, who's the sucker now fire elemental?

Now That's a Stylish Dungeon Entrance Department

From the troll-blooded lords of deepest Arkansas.

Medieval Engineering Department

Yeah, dungeon engineering is make-believe, but it doesn't have to feel make-believe. From Biblio Odyssey.

I Saw It at Super Punch Department

Imagine a colony of tiny desert dryads living in those spires.

12th level action star vs. Giant Killer Squid. From HERE.

Best artifact you'll ever find on the streets of the mutant future. On sale NOW.

Greatest use of a squid/octopus in comic book history?

Oh yes - it's a free for all! By Ulises Farinas.


  1. I love the title of this blog post. So fun. Great photos, too. I had the volcano clouds on my blog long ago. Had it on our computer wallpaper, too. Very nice photo. Love seeing it here, as well as your others.

    Talked to Tim, probably I will do an excerpt. I felt funny about it but maybe it's not such a bad idea at that. Thanks for the interest.

    Headed to Borders. Have a great Grab Bag and Sleestak Sunday.

  2. That thing you posted about the ever-growing lobster reminds me of an old 80s movie called Deep Star 6. Was that what you were thinking of?
    And yes. using a giant octopus as a war beast like an elephant in underwater warfare is probably the coolest thing you could do with an octopus. Perhaps even more cool than sticking it onto a human body without a head and calling it a mindflayer.

  3. Biblio Odyssey is a great blog. Thanks for all the cool images today!


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