Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You Know What I'd Like?

In no particular order ...

To play some games. Not run them - play them. Particularly, I'd like to finally get to play Talislanta (one of the older versions) or give Dungeon Crawl Classics a whirl. Hell, I'd actually love to play Pars Fortuna or Mystery Men!

And I'd like to wargame. Nothing overly grand or complex - something fun and simple. Jason Sholtis has shared some spaceship combat rules with me and they look like a blast. There's also Swords & Shields from ckutalik at Hill Cantons, and I just got wind of a game called The Green and the Tan by Nathan Russell from Peril Planet. Even some old Warhammer would be fun. Best of all, though, would be Wells' Little Wars.

I'd like to sit back on a couch and read comic books for the better part of a day - Silver and Bronze Age stuff - classic stuff - and classic weird stuff like Weird War Tales and Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane. Just me and some comic books and a cold beer.

I'd like to take a road trip - maybe walk London Bridge in Lake Havasu and then cruise down to the Grand Canyon - or go to Zion. Throw some drinks and food into a cooler and take a road trip.

And I'd like to learn to draw. I used to mess with drawing, and I know that I'm never going to be an artist in that regard, but sometimes when I'm writing, I'd like to just be able to sketch something out, point to it and say, "Here - that's what's in my mind's eye."

That's what I want at the moment - which, when you get down to it, indicates that I have a pretty damn good life if those are my major desires.


  1. Ah, I'd love to play more as well. If only I had more time to game, because I hate give up quality GM time.

    And like you, I'd love to learn to draw. Love to take a road trip (one is coming). And I'd love to read more and catch up on my long list of films that I need to see.

    Added to my list: rock climbing and more indie band concerts.

    Alas, I'm a parent of young kids. So I more important that all of that is to just get a good night's sleep. ;)

  2. Yes - sleep is a valuable thing when you have young children.

  3. I've been getting a chance to play lately and enjoying it greatly. It only takes a bit of that to scratch the itch.

    What I'd mainly like is to stop writing Weird Adventures--though that means I've got to finish it. ;)

  4. I enjoyed reading this post and I liked the title. Fit well. And I love the picture. Boy that kid did a great job with that character.

    Anyway, here's to more fun per day.

  5. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter

    Except given I follow the blog I think I already have.

    The first one especially appeals...

  6. Here, here. I want to play more too, it's the curse of the eternal GM. One of the things I liked best about NTRPG Con was just showing up at the table with no prep and playing, what an easy break the players get.

    "I'm a parent of young kids. So I more important that all of that is to just get a good night's sleep"

    Man do I second that.

  7. It is good to have dreams to pursue. Now that my children are bear grown, I realize that I don't have any left. I'm slowly working on rebuilding some.

  8. Good luck to you - you have them in you.

  9. Regarding that Curse Of The Eternal GM, I try to attend GenCon every year, simply because it's my chance to actually play. (And I try to stick to games my players would never let me do here.)


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