Monday, June 13, 2011

Hat Tricks - 9 Magic Chapeaus

Because you demanded it (not really) - a collection of magic hats for your game ...

1. Swallow-Tail Cap: This long cap of silk has two 3-ft long tails - each conical in shape. The right cone is colored a deep maroon while the other is a happy beige. Embroidery around the seems to writhe and dance if one stares at it for a few moments (save or suffer from minor headache and the feeling of spiders running up and down your spine). The wearer of the cap can use it, by concentrating, to jump between dimensions. Alone, he can use the equivalent of the dimension door spell a number of times per day equal to his charisma bonus (minimum once per day). With one person holding onto the cap, he can teleport once per day. With two people holding onto the tails of the cap, he can plane shift once per day.

2. Feathered Cap: This tricorne of weathered blue-black velvet is elegant despite its age, but lacking a feather. When a feather is inserted into the cap, it gives the wearer powers corresponding to the bird. An ostrich feather might increase one's running speed and kicking damage, a cockatrice feather might grant them the ability to turn people to stone with their bite, and a roc feather - well, that would probably just give them lots of shade and a stiff neck.

3. Scarlet Capotain: This scarlet capotain (i.e. pilgrim's hat) with a gold buckle makes you look like whomever you are facing, assuming you are facing a human, demi-human or humanoid of roughly the same size. In addition to gaining the person's appearance, you gain some aspect of their knowledge (i.e. a random skill, class ability, spell or memory), retaining it for 1 hour afterward.

4. Inky Baladava: This black baladava, when wrapped around the face, causes one's skin to take on an inky appearance, giving them a +15% (or +3) chance to hide in shadows. Each turn spent this way drains the person of 1 point of constitution. These lost points of constitution can be restored only by eating, with one day's worth of rations or food required to restore one point of constitution. The lost constitution corresponds to lost body weight (i.e. losing 50% of one's constitution would correspond to losing 50% of one's body weight). A person who loses all their constitution rises as a ghoul.

5. Master's Hat: This top hat of felted beaver fur with a red satin lining gives the wearer the ability to speak with animals. Three times per day, the wearer can control one of the following animals - elephant, lion, gorilla, black bear or dog. Once per day, he or she can polymorph a person into one of the aforementioned animals.

6. Bodacious Bowler: This bowler, when set atop the head, casts an illusion over the wearer, making them look like everything they have ever wanted to be. In return, the person loses their voice as long as they wear the hat.

7. Porkpie of Pratfalls: While wearing this little hat, a person enjoys a +4 bonus to saving throws made against taking damage from falls.

8. Sugegasa of Fujin: This wide, conical straw hat creates cool, refreshing breezes for the person who wears it - essentially, allowing them to ignore heat up to 130-degrees Fahrenheit. If the wearer grasps the hat with both hands and whistles, the hat will lift off, giving them the ability to fly clumsily (as the spell) for 1 hour per day.

9. Hat of Many Surprises: This hat changes shape once per turn. The person wearing it does not realize this and will not be made to believe it, even if presented with a mirror, assuming instead that it takes the shape of their favorite style of hat. When removed, the hat assumes that form and keeps it until worn by someone else. Aside from this quirk, the hat grants the wearer a protection from evil effect. Roll on the following table to determine the hat's current shape. The Referee should make these rolls and everybody but the wearer of the hat should be informed of the result.

1 - Horned helm (i.e. viking helmet) - wearer goes berserk in combat
2 - Bicorne - bonus on finding direction using the stars and immune to sea sickness
3 - Phrygian cap - freedom of movement
4 - Busby - +2 damage on charge
5 - Propeller beanie - intelligence cut in half
6 - Stovepipe hat - cannot lie, can discern lies, +2 damage from back attacks
7 - Bascinet - +1 to Armor Class, double normal range of surprise
8 - Scottish bonnet - must save or begin dancing in the presence of drawn swords
9 - Wool cap - head stays warm in cold weather
10 - Dunce cap - struck with confusion whenever asked a question
11 - Wizard's hat - cast spells as 1st level magic-user (roll known spell randomly)
12 - Jingasa - language changes to Japanese
13 - Bearskin - immune to fear
14 - Beret - personality becomes acerbic, strong desire for a cigarette
15 - Cowboy hat - +1 bonus to missile attacks
16 - Cordobes - +1 bonus to attack with sword
17 - Custodian helmet (i.e. British constable's hat) - can summon a gang of club-armed bobbies as a horn of valhalla summons barbarians
18 - Deerstalker - find secret doors as an elf, notice stonework as a dwarf
19 - Fedora - darkvision 60 ft
20 - Fez - dude, you get to wear a fez - what more do you want?
21 - Ghutrah - immune to the effects of heat and flame
22 - Montera (matador hat) - +1 dodge bonus to AC, +1 to hit and damage bulls, stench kows and gorgons
23 - Mortarboard - cast legend lore once during the turn
24 - Panama hat -
25 - Pith helmet - can cast locate object once during the turn
26 - Santa hat - can command gnomes and elves (per a rod of rulership)
27 - Sombrero - cast sleep once during the turn, but must also save vs. sleep as well
28 - Toque (i.e. chef's hat) - immune to poison
29 - Trucker hat - +1 to hit and damage with unarmed attacks
30 - Turban - can charm snakes


  1. I was all prepared to skip past this, but this is brilliant.... Great work as always Matt!

  2. Thank Tim - I had hit the wikipedia page on hat styles, and decided to do something with it.

  3. Panama hat: you can pass through a wedding ring or other small space (like a keyhole, slip between bars on a window) - great for thieves.

    I like this without the wearer's confusion: you have to try them out to see how they work, then hope the thing you wanted comes up when you need it - and not wear the hat when it's in a useful form, so you can pop it on at need, but it's bulky and fragile and so on. Lovely.

  4. Horned helmet: you are famous but nobody can quite figure out why. Also slurs your speech, makes you incoherent and possibly delusional.


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