Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hex Crawl Chronicles: Map of Namera

Quick post to give people an idea of how the hex crawls I'm writing for Frog God Games "connect". They were designed to depict different types of terrain so that Referees could stick them into their own campaigns when they need a certain terrain type, but it's tricky to write a hex crawl without injecting some setting - at least for me - and I found the blank slate of the HCC's irresistible.

I decided early on, just for fun, to base the maps loosely on the geography of North America - partially because North America was used as the basis of the original World of Greyhawk, and partially because I didn't want to spend too much time formulating the hex crawl maps.

HCC1 is set in the vicinity of Iowa, since the Stater family hails from Iowa and that is where I was when Bill Webb first emailed me about the idea of writing the HCC's. The second is centered around Lake Geneva, WI (do you know how hard it is to come up with a reasonably original play on Gygax's name?). HCC 3 really just got shoehorned into Canada because I wanted it to be north of HCC 2. The Shattered Empire (HCC 4) is centered around Cincinnati, OH, where my new grand nephew lives. You get the idea. I've nicknamed the "campaign world" Namera.

The squares on the map are not quite to scale, but they should give people an idea of where the HCC's take place. There are a few additional notes on the map that might be turned into additional HCC's if the project proves popular.

So - on to HCC5 - The Pirate Coast.


  1. Great concept, I was always intrigued by the original GH campaign.

    What made the Rio Grande so angry? ; )

  2. The Rio Grande had a rough childhood and never really learned to express its feelings. Also, it's the dividing line between an empire of sun-worshiping bastards and freaked out wizards with toad-things for wives!!! Or something like that - I have no idea. Just liked the title.

  3. Some nice post-apocalyptic implications here, Matt!

  4. That's awesome, thanks for sharing that background with us! It actually adds some coolness and verisimilitude (for lack of a better word) knowing that these are all part of a larger world. Plus, I'm from the Pirate Coast area. And BTW, I actually really like the "an empire of sun-worshiping bastards and freaked out wizards with toad-things for wives" idea. :)

  5. Out of curiosity I know this is old but is there any setting documentation you've put together for this available for download or purchase?

    1. Other than the actual Hex Crawl Chronicles available from Frog God Games, no. If you want to see a full campaign setting, I'd let them know there's a demand for it.


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